- We are a company called Gazelook LLC. We are located in one of the nicest valleys in the world, called the valley of Vilcabamba, south of Ecuador, close to the main city of Loja.
- We are people focusing on Ecology,  Construction, and bringing green projects in urban and rural areas to life.
We are also a hotel enterprise in Ecuador and an intermediary for buying and selling houses, farms, and hotel properties
- The founder of the company is Michel Leseigneur, a French citizen, architect, and town designer living in Ecuador for more than 25 years.
- We are associated with Ecuadorian entrepreneurs, architects, and builders, specializing in properties and building.  We will work for you and recommend properties that will satisfy all your needs, securing good prices and providing a variety of choices!
... Then building will be just an easy task, adapting your needs and poetry to the environment.


...Ecuador using American dollar currency today, has for sure become a great place for investment, due to:

  • Prices are less than those in Europe and North America, and logically in the very near future, they will have a greater value!

  • The acquired property is accustomed to being taxed, registering a value much less than the real commercial value.

  • Consequently, the property taxes are very low and the transactions are easy, fast, and cost almost nothing.

  • Private property is very respected, and any foreigner can buy legally conforming to the laws.

  • Finally, it's important to note that Ecuador and all of Latin America is 100% Christian continent, which means a secure investment...


Contact us to obtain the property that you desire, and when you come to Ecuador, we will invite you to our beautiful farm ranch where you can stay invited and enjoy our beautiful 140 acres of farm!