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- We are a company called Gazelook LLC. We are located in one of the most beautiful valleys in the world, called the Vilcabamba Valley, in southern Ecuador.
We recommend this video about Vilcabamba:

- We are specialists in real estate investment, construction, and sustainable subdivision projects.
- The founder of the company is Michel Leseigneur, a French citizen, architect, and urban planner based in Ecuador for more than 25 years.



Ecuador, using the U.S. dollar, has surely become a great place for investment, due to:

- Prices are still low in relation to European and North American countries.

- Property purchased in Ecuador pays very low property taxes because it is still a country rich in unused land.

- Purchase transactions are easy, fast, and do not cost much. 

- Private property is highly respected, and any foreigner can buy it with just a passport.

- For a resident visa, this is obtained with only a minimum of USD 50,000 in real estate purchase.

- Finally, it is important to note that Ecuador and all of Latin America is 100% Christian continent.

Contact us to get the property you want, and when you come to Ecuador, you will be invited free of charge by us to our hacienda in the Vilcabamba valley where you can enjoy our beautiful 150 acres of land in the middle of nature and peace! We will help you to get, with the best prices, land, property, or home appropriate to your needs.

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